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mi Team enables you to create your own team wear by choosing from numerous product types, hundreds of color combinations, materials, and personalizing them by applying names and numbers to the kit.

Please note, that you have been re-directed to mi Team from our partner retailer's site. Any personal data such as name, email, gender, and delivery information might be collected by adidas for shipping purposes and marketing campaigns.

The mi Team website enables you to design your team kit, customize it, and add names and number to your kit, but must ultimately be ordered and purchased by the retailer to which you have been re-directed by. This is done by assigning your order within the 'My Account' section of our site. Our site contains recommended retail price set by adidas, but the final cost, transaction and contract will be determined and agreed with the mi Team Retail Partner. For more information on customizing your kit, and placing an order, please visit our Help section.

We hope you enjoy creating your own mi Team products.

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Create Your Own Customised Product

Find Your Product

You can find your product by searching either by Men's, Women's, or Youth sizes or by gender and sport (Football, Basketball, Running, etc) on the upper left of the website. When you click on one of the options you will be led to a category landing page where you can refine your product selection further, or you will be taken straight to a product listing page that will give you an overview of the products offered in that category.

Find Product Details

Find Product Details Before You Configure You can find more details about your product (technologies, features, benefits, available sizes, etc) on the product details page which can be reached by clicking a specific product on a product listing page or successful search results listing. The product details page will not only give you product information but will also give you some inspirations that you can choose from to start your configuration.

Find Customisation Details for Already Saved Products If you have already saved a product and you would like to review a product’s customisation details, please sign in and click on the "saved products" tab on your Account page. Here you will find all your saved products. To review any one of their custom elements, click on "view summary" for the product you are interested in.

Using the Summary Page The summary page shows the complete list of the customisations you’ve selected for your product, including personalisation and any custom artwork/graphics. You will also be able to review the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) in the lower right-hand corner of the page. Take the time to ensure the customisation is correct so you order exactly what your team needs. If you want to make a change to the product, you can click the “edit” link beneath the product name.

This will take you back to the configurator to make adjustments to that specific product. If an order containing this product has already been sent by your preferred retailer for production, any edits you make to the design will not be reflected in that order’s final product.

The summary page also lets you easily share your saved product via email, Facebook, or blog post. Adding the saved product is just as easy. Just click the “add to order” button beneath the RRP to activate an overlay which will prompt you for the order you would like to add the product to, or if you want to begin a new order, you can enter a new order name to create one.

Configure Your Product

After you have found the product that you would like to customise, select "customise" and you will be taken to the product configurator. On the right-hand side of the configurator site you will find options that allow you to change the colours and features of the product. On the left-hand side of the configurator you will see the product image, which will change angles according to the product options that you select on the right-hand side.

In order to change colours, features, or personalization options, select from one of the options on the upper right or click directly on the product. If you’re customising a match kit, you will be able to select the part of the kit to design first. Choose from the image of the player on the left-hand side.

Configurator Commands The configurator page allows you to do the following:

Save to Account – Clicking “save & share” in the bottom right of the configurator opens an overlay that will display a summary of your product and allows you to save your design and share it with others. If you choose to save your design you will be prompted to name your creation (this will appear if you’ve signed into your account). You will be taken to the login/ registration page. After logging in or registering, you will be brought back to the configurator and an overlay will be displayed asking you to provide a name for the design (if you are not signed in). Your mi adidas account also allows you to save multiple versions of the same product. Every time you open the Save & Share window, another version of your design is temporarily saved. This is helpful when you want to try multiple designs and share the options with your team.

Share – sharing your design is easy: send it by email, post it on Facebook or a blog, or even print out your creation to pass around.

Start Over – click on this button if you would like to start configuration of the same product from the beginning. You will see an overlay that will pop up where you can choose between the following options: "Start with the original design": Leads you to the beginning of the customisation by using the same inspiration that you started with. "Start with a blank product": Leads you to the beginning of the customisation with a completely blank product (the usual colour is white). “Change the current compliance setting”: Leads you to the compliancy options – choose the setting that’s appropriate to the requirements of your organisation or league. "Cancel": if you wish to continue with the current configuration.

View 3D Product Image

Viewing Products Please note that all computer monitors have different colour settings that can affect how the colours of products appear on the screen. The colours on www.miTeam.com may appear different than on the products that you will or have received. We would advise that you see some samples at your mi adidas retailer if you would like to know how the colours look in reality.

Change View of 3D Image There are a few options to view the 3D product image on the right-hand side. The buttons below the 3D image allow you to execute the following commands: Left arrow: rotates the image to the left to view the product from a different angle Right arrow: rotates the image to the right to show the product from a different angle Zoom +: increases the magnification of the product and allows you to see more product details Zoom - : decreases the magnification of the product to let you see your customised product as a whole.

Personalisation Options

For each product we offer different kinds of embellishments that you can choose from. If you wish to configure a jersey with a name and number click on "personalise" on the upper right-hand corner of the configurator. A second column will open up on the left where you will be able to choose the following options depending on the product that you are customising:

  • Team Name
  • Player Name
  • Number
  • Artwork/Graphics
  • For each of the above options you may be able to choose:
  • Application options
  • Font type
  • Arc type (for letters only, numbers will always be straight)
  • Size
  • Colours (one or two colours – depending on the application type and if you choose an outline or not)

Application options Generally adidas offers the following application options, which can differ depending on the sports category and product:

  • Heat transfer
  • Screen print
  • Tackle twill
  • Embroidery


If you have questions about the different application techniques please contact your mi adidas Retailer who will be happy to help. You can find the retailer in the retailer finder (see “Find a Retailer”).

Adding Graphics Certain uniforms and products allow you to add your own custom graphic for an additional cost. To find out if you can add a graphic to a uniform, click on “personalise” in the top right-hand menu of a mi adidas product. One of the options will be “graphics” if the product permits it. Graphic Tees always have this option available.

Upon clicking the “add a graphic” link, a pop-up window will show you the steps involved.

  1. Select a graphic
  2. Choose a graphic location
  3. Select a graphic size
  4. Choose application type


You have three options when adding a graphic to your team’s outfit: upload a graphic from your computer, choose a graphic from the adidas image library, or picking an image you’ve previously uploaded to your account.

Uploading an Image Clicking on the first option “upload a graphic from your computer” will immediately open a dialog box asking for you to locate the file on your system. To view the image on your uniform, you’ll need to choose either a .jpg or .png file no larger than 20 MB and then agree to the adidas Terms & Conditions to initiate the upload process. The .jpg or .png allows you to see how your image will appear in the predefined sizes, placements, and application types on the uniform. These options will vary by product, and when it comes time to produce your uniform, you will need to provide your preferred retailer(s) with a vectorized PDF (.pdf) or Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) of your artwork/graphic (see Upload Images).

Your uploaded graphics will also be accessible for other products in your account image library.

Note: all uploaded graphics must be approved by adidas before your order will be accepted.

Choosing a Graphic from the adidas Image Library There are dozens of unique graphics available for use in the adidas image library. Selecting this option from the “graphics” pop-up window take you to a conveniently categorized image repository. Browse through graphics categories, such as: crests, mascots, clubs, etc. until you found the perfect visual to represent your team. Click on the image you want, then click on “use this one” to add the graphic to your uniform. You’ll be able to choose the available size and placement options, as well as the application type.

Retrieving a Saved Image Make sure you’re signed into your mi adidas account. You can do this through “my graphics” option in the “add a graphic” pop-up window which will take you to a streamlined sign-in process. Once signed-in, you will be able to see your previously uploaded imagery. Click on the image you want, then click on “use this one” to add the graphic to your uniform.

Graphics Approval If you added a custom graphic to your uniform, adidas will need to approve the image before your order can be submitted. Once approved, you will need to provide your preferred retailer(s) with a vectorized PDF (.pdf) or Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) of your graphic. This is necessary to get the best possible print quality on your customised products (see Upload Images).

League Rules and Guidelines

NCAA - National Collegiate Athletic Association

NFHS - National Federation of State High School Associations

FIVB - Fédération Internationale de Volleyball

If you live in the United States of America, NCAA / NFHS compliancy of your team uniform will (most likely) be important for you. For all categories that mi adidas covers, we are offering products that are compliant to NCAA, NFHS, and/or FIVB equipment rules.

Choose the appropriate compliancy option when prompted before you begin customising the rest of your features.

The NCAA / NFHS guidelines differ from one category to another but generally the rules incorporate:
Branding is only allowed in certain areas of the uniform

Logos are only allowed once on each piece of clothing

The 3-Stripes are not or only partially allowed

Colour blocking options need to follow certain guidelines

Numbers on the back and front need to be in specific sizes or have a minimum height and range adidas is doing its best to make products that are NCAA and or NFHS compliant, however it will be your responsibility to make sure that the guidelines are met. adidas does not accept claims with regards to non-compliant colour blocking options or features.

To review the exact regulations of the NCAA/ NFHS/ FIVB please visit their websites:


adidas is not responsible for the information found on these websites.

Review Your Design

When you have finished configuring your mi adidas product you can review your design by clicking on "I’m done customising". The summary page will show you all the details that you have chosen during your configuration and will tell you the recommended retail price (RRP) for your personal team look.

The summary page will also allow you to:

Print the product summary by clicking on the "print" button on the bottom-right corner.
Send the design to your team members by choosing an option under "share it".
Save your design in order to review it later again by clicking on "save to account". In order to save your design you must register with mi adidas first (see How to Register). You will then be able to find the saved products when you log-in to your mi adidas account.

Share Your Designs

After you have finished your mi adidas design you can show it to your friends or team members by sending them a notification via email, Facebook or posting it to a blog. If you haven’t done so yet, please first click on "I’m done customising" on the configurator page in order to see the product summary page. Once you see the product summary page, choose an option under "share it".

If you choose to share your design via email, the Save & Share overlay window will give you the appropriate fields to include multiple email addresses (separate each address with a comma) and add a personal message. You’ll also need to include your own email, but don’t worry – we do not save this email in our database nor will it be used for marketing activities. Please read the adidas privacy statement for further details. Once all the required fields are complete, click “send” to finish sharing your creation.

Send Saved Designs to Team Members You can also send a design to teammates after you have saved it in your account. Log-in first and you will see the "saved products" page. Click on the link "share" as outlined above.

Save to Your Account

On miTeam.com, you can save your design so that in the future you can always go back to the design and change it if you like. In order to save the design please click on the link "save to account". In case you don’t have a mi adidas account and would like more details please see the help sections "how to register" or "sign-in".

After you have inserted your email address and password into the sign-in window there will be an overlay where you will be asked to give your design a name. Please choose a unique title for your design, as this will help ensure that you do not mix-up your designs in the future. Also remember to click the check box next to the product in order to save or share it. There may be multiple versions of your designs.

You will receive a confirmation that your design has been successfully saved in your account.

Your Design Name Already Exists? If the name that you would like to choose already exists and is being used for another product that is saved in your account you will get the overlay message "this name already exists". You have the following options to continue:

Replace will overwrite the already existing product that you had saved in your account already, which means that if you click this option the old product will no longer be available. Or you can choose a new name that you type into the overlay and click on "save name".


Copy and Edit a Saved Design

Sign-in to your account which will lead you to the "saved products" page which is on the landing page. From here you can click on the link "copy and edit this item" which is on the right-hand side. This link will lead you into the configurator and you will be able to edit a duplicate of the original design. This enables you to make changes or order this new product separately or in addition to the copied design. After you have edited your new design you should save the design with a new name or alternatively you can directly add this design to your order by clicking on "finish" and continue with purchasing your team uniform (see Completing the Order).

Delete Saved Designs

In order to delete saved designs, sign-in to your mi adidas account. Click on "saved products". Next to the product that you want to delete, click on "remove item" and the selected product will be removed.